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You Really Autumn Get to the Library this Fall!

It’s time for pumpkins, pies, soups, and football. It’s time to dig in some fall bulbs and to tuck in with a mug of hot tea and a good book or audiobook. It’s fall—hooray!

How Momma Got Her Groove Back

Homeschooling sweet homeschooling! Single child. Multi-children. Toddlers, tweens, teens, aging/ailing parents, and everyone in between. We are all in various stages of our homeschool/life journeys, yet wherever we find ourselves, it is imperative that we aren’t lost. I’m not making any sense, am I? But please stay with me.

The Yay! Factor

Yay! Summer is almost over, and it’s about time to tackle another school year. Yes, I did say "yay!" About this time every summer, I start to miss the routine the school year brings. I am also anxious to dive into the new and exciting curriculum I purchased after pondering over the choices for months. Can anyone relate? The struggle is real my fellow homeschoolers…right?

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